Halo SS-5P

Patrolling radio

Halo PTT SS-5P communication via the GSM 4G/3G/2G Network


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Emergency Alarms and Calling (SOS)

Emergency alarms (SOS) can be sent to  other radios or PC dispatch consoles via the one-touch programmable  button, which can improve workers’ safety and response time.

GPS Position

GPS enables real-time tracking and positioning from the HaloPTT  Dispatch Console.

Dual Micro-SIM Slot

Automatic switching of dual card signals to avoid communication drop due to network loss

High Quality Audio

Provides High-Quality Audio or Standard Audio quality performance for individual calls.

Stun & Revive 

Dispatch Console can remove stun (disable) or revive (return to service) if the radio is lost or stolen.


The platform offers dispatcher software that allows the customer to be in control of their own network


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